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Tuesday 31 October 2017 noon MED 0 1418

IGM Colloquium: Period and Pattern in the Embryo by Prof. A. Oates

The IGM colloquium features invited speakers giving introductory talks on varied current research topics in Mechanical Engineering and related disciplines.

  • Where? - MED 0 1418 (Auditorium)
  • When? - Tuesdays noon
  • Who? - Students, researchers, faculty and everyone else interested in learning about different aspects of Mechanical Engineering

Please join us tomorrow at noon!


25.10.17 — The segmentation clock is a multi-cellular patterning system of genetic oscillators thought to control the rhythmic and sequential formation of the vertebrate embryo's body segments. Individual oscillating cells are synchronized with their neighbors, forming a coherent wave pattern of gene expression. Read the whole article
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