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Tuesday 10 October 2017 noon MED 0 1418

IGM Colloquium — Order from Chaos: From Engineering Fluids to Astrophysics by Prof. Steve Tobias


The IGM colloquium features invited speakers giving introductory talks on varied current research topics in Mechanical Engineering and related disciplines.

  • Where? - MED 0 1418 (Auditorium)
  • When? - Tuesdays noon
  • Who? - Students, researchers, faculty and everyone else interested in learning about different aspects of Mechanical Engineering

Please join as Tuesdays at noon!


02.10.17 — Steve Tobias is Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Leeds. Having completed his PhD in DAMTP, Cambridge on "Nonlinear Solar and Stellar Dynamos" in 1995, he has been a Research Fellow of Trinity College Cambridge (1995-2000), a Research Associate of JILA, University of Colorado (1996-1998) and a Lecturer, Reader and Professor at the University of Leeds. His interests include nonlinear fluid dynamics (including magnetohydrodynamics) and its applications in experiments, geophysics and astrophysics via the application of methods from nonlinear dynamics and statistical physics. Read the whole article
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