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CODEV 2016 Annual Report is here!


2016 - what another great year for CODEV! Take a look at our Annual Report to see what we have accomplished in the field of cooperation and development.

Also included in this newsletter is a brief update about what we’ve been up to lately. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we have enjoyed working on these projects.

Launch of CODEV’s new Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) - "Technology Innovation for Sustainable Development"

This MOOC was produced by the outstanding EssentialTech team here at CODEV. It focuses on how innovators can help solve important issues that burden those living in poverty around the world, and addresses how to scale-up sustainably initiatives to achieve greater impact.

Launch of the third phase of the Info4Dourou2.0 project with our partners in Switzerland, Burkina Faso and Palestine

This phase of the initiative focuses on the wider use of Info4Dourou2.0’s irrigation management system to help improve food security, sustainably manage water resources, and identify how to adapt to different climate change scenarios. The project also offers 4-6 month internships for motivated students in Burkina Faso and Palestine, in partnership with the EPFL’s local chapter of  Ingénieurs du Monde!

First-prize win at the Debiopharm-Inartis Challenge for the new “Hello Mask” project!

The Hello Mask is an exciting collaboration between EssentialLab here at CODEV and the EMPA (Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology) in St. Gallen. The project’s main goal is the development of a transparent surgical mask to increase the quality of physician-patient interactions. Congratulations on this exciting win!

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Wishing you and your families a great summer!

Your CODEV team


CODEV 2016 Annual Report

— The entire CODEV team is delighted to present you its 2016 activity report. A big thank you to our partners for their continued and much appreciated support!


New MOOC launched by the EssentialTech team!

— EssentialTech's methodology and approach is presented in a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)


Info4Dourou 2.0 - phase III

— ICT for smart water management In a context of climate change and growing pressure surrounding water resources, CODEV, along with its North and South partners, from private sector businesses and universities in Switzerland, Burkina Faso and Palestine, is launching the third phase of the Info4Dourou2.0 project, which aims to develop technology to support irrigation for family farming in arid and semi-arid regions.


The Hello Mask project wins the Debiopharm-Inartis challenge

— CODEV’s EssentialTech program and its partners won the first prize of the Debiopharm-Inartis Challenge for the new Hello Mask project


The Agilis prosthetic foot project launches its conception phase

— The EPFL and International Committee of the Red Cross launched the research and development phase of its joint project in early 2017. The project, in the form of a CTI (Commission for Technology and IInnovation) project, will last until the end of 2018. The first stage, which consisted of evaluating the performances of different types of prosthetic feet, has just been completed.


What urban development for the post-crisis city?

— The European Union-funded research project “Port-au-Prince, between vulnerability and urban growth: the construction of a Caribbean metropolis” is at the origin of the international symposium that took place in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, from April 25 to 27, 2017.


MOOCs vitalize the RESCIF network

— The Network of Excellence in Engineering Sciences of the French-speaking Community’s (RESCIF) goal is to create innovative and sustainable partnerships between 15 technological universities in 12 countries in Africa (five institutions in total, including three World Bank African Centers of Excellence), America (3 institutions), Asia (1), Europe (5) and the Middle East (1). The network, whose aim is sustainable development, promotes research and training via partnerships.


"H2Ospital" took part in a learning event organized by WHO/Unicef

— In health care facilities in low- and middle-income countries, water-borne diseases and hygiene conditions are particularly problematic, especially when considering the fact that patients are already ill, fragile and vulnerable. Especially in District Hospitals, patients are admitted for longer periods, exposing them to increased risk from deficient water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) infrastructure and -services.

Author: Corinne Waridel
Source: Cooperation