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CODEV team proudly presents its 2013 annual report!

04.06.2014 Dear Reader,

We are delighted to send you the Cooperation & Development Center newsletter that gives you an update on our projects and various activities twice a year.

This edition highlights the publication of our annual report, in which you will find out what EPFL has accomplished in 2013 in the field of cooperation and development.

A key event for CODEV is the 3rd UNESCO International Conference on Technologies for Development which is currently being held at the Swiss Tech Convention Center at EPFL with the presence of 350 participants. You may moreover follow the participants’ reactions live on Twitter.

Any comments or input are welcome. Should you have any queries or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

We thank you for your interest in our activities and take this opportunity to wish you a good summer!

Yours sincerely,
Your CODEV team

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CODEV 2013 Annual Report

— The CODEV team is pleased to present its 2013 annual report, an overview of the multiple EPFL activities in the field of cooperation.


Knowledge transfer from the scientific diaspora

— The cases of the Republic of Moldova and the countries of South East Europe


Training on Energy Audits in Cameroon

— The CURES Center proposed its first specialized training focused on energy audits and the quality of electricity.


EssentialTalk : The challenges of technology in humanitarian service

— Guest speaker, Mr. Nathan Kunz, a researcher at INSEAD in humanitarian logistics and a former executive at Digger, presented solutions that an organization such as the NGO Digger must find to align technology, economics and social reality.


The Journey of a impulse generator from EPFL to Calí

— An impulse generator was donated by Prof. Rachidi’s EMC Lab to the High Voltage (HV) Lab of the Universidad del Valle in Calí-Colombia. This has enabled the HV Lab to strengthen its testing capacity. The impulse generator will further be used for teaching, research activities and services.


Essential technologies to address global health challenges

— CODEV’s EssentialTech team, together with the EssentialMed foundation, jointly led a session at the Geneva Health Forum on the development of essential technologies that may impact global health issues.


Project GlobalDiagnostiX on the Radio (French)

— Programme EssentialTech and the GlobalDiagnostiX project were presented on the Swiss Radio (RTS La 1ère, CQFD).

Author: Corinne Waridel
Source: Cooperation