Share your news with a Creative Commons licence

Creative commons © Istock

Creative commons © Istock

You can now check a box to indicate that your texts, photos and videos can be used freely under certain conditions. An approach encouraged by Mediacom to give more visibility to your activities.

Mediacom (EPFL's communication department) adopted a Creative Commons license early this year under which all its content can be freely reproduced by anyone. The goal: to spread the science and activities of EPFL to as large an audience as possible.

The Creative Commons license (CC BY-SA 4.0) means that anyone can use the content without having to obtain prior approval or pay copyright fees. However, two requirements must be met: the author’s name must be clearly indicated, and no restrictions can be placed on the subsequent reproduction of the content, whether modified or not.

Now, all news channels also have the same possibility, by checking the box "Display the Creative Commons license (CC BY-SA) at the bottom of the article" which you will find when you create a news. Note that this decision is yours and that ticking this box is optional.

Add a CC licence in the news

For more information, see "EPFL articles, videos and photos can now be used freely by anyone".

Do not hesitate to contact Mediacom for any questions regarding this license.

Authors: Natalie Meystre, Sarah Aubort

Source: Web Services

This content is distributed under a Creative Commons CC BY-SA 4.0 license. You may freely reproduce the text, videos and images it contains, provided that you indicate the author’s name and place no restrictions on the subsequent use of the content. If you would like to reproduce an illustration that does not contain the CC BY-SA notice, you must obtain approval from the author.