Xile Hu wins Tajima Prize

Xile Hu

Xile Hu

EPFL Chemist Professor Xile Hu has won the “2017 Tajima Prize” from The International Society of Electrochemistry for his work in electrocatalysis.

The Tajima Prize of the International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE) is given annually to electrochemists under 40 years old on the basis of their published work. The prize consists of a certificate and 1,000 CHF, and the winner is invited to give a 40-minute lecture at the Annual ISE Meeting of the following year, with ISE covering registration and banquet fees.

This year, the Prize has been award to Professor Xile Hu for his research on catalysts composed of Earth-abundant elements for chemical transformations of relevance to synthesis, energy, and sustainability. In particular, Professor Hu has developed remarkable electrocatalytic materials for water splitting, which can be potentially utilized for storing renewable energy such as solar and wind.

The award will be presented to Professor Hu at the 2018 Annual ISE Meeting in Bologna, Italy.