Xile Hu wins IUPAC-ZHEJIANG NHU International Award

Xile Hu. Credit: Alain Herzog (EPFL)

Xile Hu. Credit: Alain Herzog (EPFL)

Professor Xile Hu, a distinguished scientist known for his pioneering contributions to Green Chemistry and Green Energy, has been honored with the IUPAC-Zhejiang NHU International Award 2023.

Established in 2019, the IUPAC-Zhejiang NHU International Award honors advancements in Green Chemistry and their impact on human progress. Sponsored by Zhejiang NHU International, the award celebrates achievements in various aspects of Green Chemistry, including Green and Renewable Feedstocks, Green Synthetic Routes, Green Solvents, Green Catalysis, Green Products, Green Energy, and Sustainable Chemistry, as broadly defined by the OECD.

Among the winners of the 2023 IUPAC-Zhejiang NHU International Award is Professor Xile Hu at EPFL’s School of Basic Sciences, who received the “Experienced Chemist” Award. The IUPAC announcement cites Professor Hu:

“The group of Professor Xile Hu has made many outstanding scientific discoveries in the field of Green Chemistry, particularly in Green Catalysis and Green Energy. In the area of green catalysis, they have developed new catalytic methods and catalysts that are based on earth-abundant elements for organic synthesis. In the area of green energy, Prof. Hu and his team have developed a number of novel earth-abundant electrocatalysts for the hydrogen and oxygen evolution reactions (HER and OER), which are the two half-reactions for water splitting, the main route to green hydrogen. They have made significant contributions to highly active earth-abundant catalysts for the hydrogen oxidation reaction, the key anodic reaction in fuel cells. They have also invented superior anion exchange membranes (AEMs) for next-generation membrane water electrolyzers and fuel cells. They have demonstrated record-setting efficiencies in AEM electrolyzers and fuel cells. His group has made breakthrough catalysts and systems for CO2 and CO electroreduction. Their work is not only of fundamental value but has significant potential in industrial applications. For example, a startup company, NovaMea SA, has been founded based on their work in green energy.”

Professor Hu and the other winners of the were recognized at the 2023 IUPAC World Chemistry Congress in The Hague (18-25 August 2023). Their work in advancing Green Chemistry will be disseminated to a global audience through review articles to be published in Pure and Applied Chemistry.