16.11.16 - Main questions and tools for studying and supporting diasporas

On 10 November 2016, an interdisciplinary workshop gathered 15 experts from Switzerland and abroad, who presented quantitative and qualitative studies from Colombia, Mexico, Switzerland, Romania and beyond, and discussed both conceptual issues and methodological challenges related to skilled migration and scientific mobility in the new dynamics of science, globalisation and technology advancement.

The discussion aimed at further understanding the changes in the enactment of skilled migrants caused by new technologies, and how these technologies can be used to trace and study migrants’ trajectories, productions, and transnational practices. It also looked at new tools for studying and supporting diasporas.

Participants included: Mihaela Nedelcu and Martine Schaer; Karl Aberer and Martin Benjamin; Ricardo Corredor; Susana Borda; Carolina Rivera; Eduardo Robles Belmont; Marie Sautier and Gaele Goastellec; and Caroline Caplan.

The workshop was organised by Gabriela Tejada from the Cooperation and Development Center (CODEV) at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL); Dominique Vinck, from the Science and Technologies Studies Laboratory (STS Lab) of the University of Lausanne (UNIL); and Daniel Gática Pérez from IDIAP Research Institute and EPFL.

As a next step, participants will prepare a special publication for an academic journal.

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