Workshop on Cultural mediation in the built environment

© 2023 EPFL

© 2023 EPFL

The Ville en Tête association invites architecture and engineering students to get involved in an interdisciplinary workshop on mediation projects for young audiences, as part of the Lausanne Jardins event.

Cultural mediation projects on the built environment

As part of the Lausanne Jardins 2024 event, the Ville en tête association is inviting students from HEP, EPFL and HEPIA to combine their respective disciplines to create mediation projects for the young public. Based on the event's theme, "Between Water and Us", the workshops will test methods for improving the use, aesthetics, and sustainability of the urban landscape. The ojectives of the workshop are centered around issues of sustainability and the impacts of climate change on our lifestyle and constructed environments.

The aim of the workshop is to help students co-create educational content, materials and mediation tools. Theoretical contributions will enrich participants' reflections and provide them with a common background. They will thus have the opportunity to discover the importance of building culture mediation for their future professional activities, to share knowledge and to experiment with a collective project and production process.

The workshop is structured in 4 parts :

  1. Research : exploration and brainstorming. 15.02.2024 + 16.02.2024
  2. Project : development of mediation projects. 12.04.2024
  3. Finalisation : creation of pedagogical material. 27.04.2024
  4. Mediation : welcoming of classes and festive evening. Semaine du 24.06.2024

Registration and other information is available until 01.12.2023 at this address: [email protected]

Participation by EPFL and HEPIA students is voluntary. Those interested can then join the association's mediation network.