Welcome new COSMO members!

Marcel, Paolo, Egor and Sandra - New COSMO members © 2024 EPFL

Marcel, Paolo, Egor and Sandra - New COSMO members © 2024 EPFL

A warm welcome to our new colleagues who are starting a new adventure in COSMO lab! 

Marcel Langer and Paolo Pegolo are joining the COSMO lab as postdocs, while Egor Rumiantsev and Sandra Saade are starting as PhD students.

Marcel studied Physics at the KIT in Karlsruhe and Imperial College London. He recently completed his doctoral studies in the Machine Learning Group at TU Berlin and the NOMAD Laboratory at the Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society, where he worked on applying machine learning interatomic potentials to thermal transport simulations.

Paolo studied Physics at the University of Trieste, and obtained his Ph.D. from the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA) in Trieste, under the supervision of Prof. Stefano Baroni. His research focused on the theory of heat and charge transport in electronic insulators, particularly in solid-state electrolytes.

Egor obtained his bachelor’s degree at Lomonosov Moscow State University in Applied Mathematics and Physics, with an emphasis on hydrodynamic phenomena and approaches to solving those tasks through numerical methods. During his master’s years, he studied at the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech) in Information Systems and Technology, where he dedicated his thesis to address various quantum chemistry tasks via neural networks.

Sandra graduated with a Master of Chemistry from the University of Oxford, studying how to describe electronic excited states using the state-specific CASSCF energy landscape under the supervision of Dr. Hugh G. A. Burton. Before joining the lab, Sandra also spent a couple of months with a research bursary at the University of Cambridge, working under the supervision of Prof. Stuart C. Althorpe and learning about chaos theory.