WEB: Warning message on all EPFL sites

© 2017 EPFL

© 2017 EPFL

August 29, 2017: a warning message on the use of tracking tools is deployed on all EPFL websites. Indeed, the Swiss Data Protection Act requires us to inform users about the web analytics service we implement to measure audiences, typically Google Analytics, which EPFL now uses exclusively the anonymised version.

A cookies consent message informing the users is now implemented automatically via elements in the EPFL banner.

Where does this message appear?
On the homepage www.epfl.ch, the Jahia websites, the news, the memento, the search engine, the 'people' pages, Infosciences and so many other VPSI IT services. When the user accepts the conditions, his agreement is valid on all of these sites, and for a period of one year, unless he cleans the history of cookies or changes his browser. Note that it is not possible to disable the message for a particular site.

What if you are in charge of a website?
If it is a Jahia site, the operation does not require any intervention on your part. However, if you use the EPFL header on another system, please ensure that it is updated automatically, or renew it. For sites that do not use the EPFL templates or layout, you can use the dedicated libraries: see our online help for installation.
If you use another traffic analysis tool, or any script that could potentially store visitor information on your site, you are required to contact the Service Desk to ensure compliance.

What if you intend to use Google analytics on a new site?
Please read the terms of use of this service. In particular, the anonymized version of the script is mandatory at EPFL. Please do not hesitate to contact our Service Desk [email protected].