WEB: search for information on the intranet

Magnifier and laptop ©deepblue4you on iStock

Magnifier and laptop ©deepblue4you on iStock

The web search tool search.epfl.ch can now be used to search inside.epfl.ch. Access to this new feature is restricted.

From October 2022, it will be possible to search for content on the inside.epfl.ch websites. Only people who are physically present on campus or via VPN, and connected via Tequila, will be able to use this tool. The search results will be displayed in a new tab of search.epfl.ch

As a reminder, EPFL's WordPress web infrastructure is composed of

  1. public sites, visible on www.epfl.ch;
  2. sites accessible on VPN and only to the EPFL community, whose address starts with inside.epfl.ch

The new search engine concerns only this second lot. It does not index other intranet such as Sharepoint sites or documents on storage solutions (Google drive, Switchdrive, Teams..). Its scope is limited to intranet sites managed via Wordpress EPFL and whose access is not limited to a specific group of people. Only inside sites accessible to the entire EPFL community will be referenced.