WEB: new editing interface for 'people' pages

Conférence © Alain Herzog 2019 EPFL

Conférence © Alain Herzog 2019 EPFL

The EPFL members' directory has redesigned its administration console. Now, updating your data becomes easier.

People is the web application that allows you to manage your EPFL professional profile. Well referenced on search engines, these pages present all the students, collaborators and professors in the institution.
The editing interface of public profiles has been modernized and made more intuitive.
You can now easily make visible, or not, information like your different attachments to EPFL units. A better connection with the phone book and the accreditation system also allows you to easily change name, first name, postal addresses, functions and phone numbers.
To access the editing interface, you must identify yourself via the 'edit' button at the top right of your people page.

A public business card

A 'people' page is usually composed of

  • your photo, to display or not;
  • contact information automatically derived from your accreditations in the different units of EPFL (laboratories, groups, ..);
  • a list of skills, or keywords, to complete yourself;
  • information related to your curriculum, your training and missions;
  • list of your publications (to obtain via Infoscience);
  • a list of your courses, your current and past students, which is updated automatically.

Titles and delegations

A change from the old version: it is no longer possible to choose a title other than the one assigned to you in your main unit. If you wish to highlight diplomas and doctorates, please fill in the people section related to your training. The title that appears under your photo is your function in your main unit, the one that appears first; changing the order of the units you belong to allows you to choose your most significant function.

It is possible to delegate the edition of your people page to the communication manager of your unit.

Next step

In collaboration with our team of graphic designers, we will optimize the current layout to make it more elegant. We will also add fields that will allow you to better connect people with the main scientific and social networks.