[Update] Access cut to Oxford University Press journals

© Oxford University Press

© Oxford University Press

Following extensive negotiations, the Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries and Oxford University Press (OUP) could not reach mutually acceptable terms towards renewing EPFL license and transitioning to a Read and Publish 2022 agreement, thus leading to a no-deal. This no-deal situation may affect EPFL researchers.

[May 2nd update] Articles published behind a paywall from January 2022 onwards are no longer available. We invite EPFL researchers to check and use effective alternatives put in place by EPFL Library to legally access publications no longer available through OUP. Please note that continuing access is guaranteed for articles published up to the end of 2021.

The negotiations for a Transformative Agreement started two years ago. The Consortium of Swiss University Libraries regrets that due to different requirements regarding prices and conditions, it was not possible to find a solution that satisfies all needs. In addition, whether in terms of cost neutrality or Open Access conditions for the benefit of the authors, this agreement does not meet swissuniversities' requirements.

We will keep you posted on any new developments.

We recommend that you visit go.epfl.ch/negotiations or contact [email protected] for further information.