Two new Tenure-Track Assistant Professors in MATH

© Profs. Lemm and Stensrud / 2020 EPFL

© Profs. Lemm and Stensrud / 2020 EPFL

Drs. Marius Lemm and Mats Stensrud are named Tenure-Track Assistant Professors in the Institute of Mathematics (MATH).

At its meeting of 13-14 May 2020, the ETH Board has named Drs. Marius Lemm and Mats Stensrud as Tenure-Track Assistant Professors in mathematics.

Dr Marius Lemm was named as Tenure Track Assistant Professor of Mathematics in the School of Basic Sciences (SB) from the 1st of September 2020
Marius Lemm’s work focuses on problems of mathematical physics originating in quantum physics and quantum information. At just 31 years of age, Marius Lemm has already proved himself to be an outstanding mathematician whose work to date combines several mathematical areas, including operator theory, random matrices and partial differential equations. At EPFL he will set up a research group in the area of mathematical analysis and mathematical physics, further strengthening the links between mathematics and physics.

Dr Mats Stensrud was named as Tenure Track Assistant Professor of Statistics in the School of Basic Sciences (SB) from the 1st of September 2020
Mats Stensrud’s unusual career path (Master in applied statistics, Doctorate in Neuroscience, Doctor of Medicine and post-doctorate in Biostatistics) enables him to combine all these fields very creatively. He is currently conducting research in the area of biostatistics and causal inference with the aim of discovering whether a specific treatment can have a causal effect on the risk of a disease in the presence of competing risks. Mats Stensrud will further strengthen statistics at EPFL while building links with the School of Life Sciences and with Biomedical establishments in the greater area.

Author: Orane Jecker
Source: Mathematics