Two Innogrants awarded to MIROS Technology and AirCurve

© 2023 EPFL Startup Launchpad

© 2023 EPFL Startup Launchpad

The EPFL Startup Launchpad has granted two awards of CHF100,000 each to future EPFL startups MIROS Technology and AirCurve. The first startup project uses interactive robotic surfaces to build interactive spaces, and the second the second is looking to revolutionise airway intubation in hospital and emergency settings.

MIROS technology

MIROS technology – an EPFL-based startup which uses interactive robotic surfaces to build interactive spaces – has been awarded a CHF100,000 Innogrant from the EPFL Startup Launchpad.

The world’s population is booming. Estimates suggest that by 2050, there will be nearing 10 billion people. Of these, around 70% will be living in cities or towns. The urban population will be looking for new ways to use their space and new ways to live, blending interaction and immersive experience to their lives.

That’s where MIROS technology comes in. They have built interactive spaces which can be reconfigured and personalised – from living room, to bedroom, to gaming space – based on the need of the person living there.

The MIROS team will use their Innogrant to create a minimum viable product (MVP) and develop their go-to-market strategy.

Neil Chennoufi, CTO


The Startup Launchpad has awarded CHF100,000 to a new spin-in project.

AirCurve is a start-up project co-founded by Professor Patrick Schoettker (Head of Anaesthesia at CHUV) and Dr Andre Mercanzini (EPFL alumni and founder of EPFL’s spinoff Aleva Neurotherapeutics). They are looking to revolutionise airway intubation in hospital and emergency settings.

Airway intubation is performed by anaesthetists before every surgery. It is difficult to do and dangerous to perform, requiring years of specialised training. The team aim to use AI-guided robots to perform this difficult procedure. By using machine learning, image recognition, robotics, and big data, they hope to reduce the risk of error and allow less experienced practitioners learn and practice safely.

EPFL provides our project with access to the world’s top laboratories in Computer Vision and Robotics. At the same time, we will be able to mentor and direct innovative young engineers in the discipline of medical device development and entrepreneurship,

Dr André Mercanzini, Co-founder

The team will use their Innogrant to develop a working prototype and secure important feedback from users and physicians.

André Mercanzini, PhD
Prof. Patrick Schoettker