Twisting whirlpools of electrons

© 2019 EPFL

© 2019 EPFL

Using a novel approach, EPFL physicists have been able to create ultrafast electron vortex beams, with significant implications for fundamental physics, quantum computing, future data-storage, and even certain medical treatments.

  • LUMES published a work on electron vortex beams highlighted on EPFL news and MUST:


G. M. Vanacore, G. Berruto, I. Madan, E. Pomarico, P. Biagioni, R. J. Lamb, D. McGrouther, O. Reinhardt, I. Kaminer, B. Barwick, H. Larocque, V. Grillo, E. Karimi, F. J. García de Abajo, F. Carbone

“Ultrafast generation and control of an electron vortex beam via chiral plasmonic near fields. Nature Materials 06 May 2019”

Nature Materials DOI: 10.1038/s41563-019-0336-1

Author: Annick Gaudin Delmonaco