Tune Insight receives 100K CHF to collaborate on sensitive data

Romain Bouyé, Co-founder & Head of Software | Juan Troncoso Pastoriza, Co-founder & CEO | Frederic Pont, Co-founder & COO

Romain Bouyé, Co-founder & Head of Software | Juan Troncoso Pastoriza, Co-founder & CEO | Frederic Pont, Co-founder & COO

Tune Insight develops a software solution that enables organizations to collaborate securely for extracting collective insights from their most sensitive and confidential data. The Tech Seed loan from the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) will help Tune Insight expand the development team and move from proofs-of-concept to licensing revenues in further verticals, including health, insurance and cybersecurity.

Today, most organizations rely on data to make strategic decisions, through statistical analyses or machine learning, but they often realize their own data is not enough for them to make the best decisions. They are prevented from entering the data collaborations they need because of security, compliance and strategic risks. Many sectors are confronted with this need of finding secure ways of collaborating on sensitive or confidential data. In insurance and financial services for example, data collaborations can dramatically enhance fraud detection or risk calculation. In cybersecurity, organizations feel the need to collaborate to better defend against cyber threats, but cannot share the most valuable data and indicators for strategic reasons. Another sector sensitive to data sharing is healthcare. The promise of personalized health cannot be realized without processing data from multiple organizations.

To reduce the risk of data leaks and ensure compliance with personal data laws and regulations, Tune Insight has developed a software solution for companies to make efficient decisions while securing their most sensitive data. As a result, organizations can collaborate securely to extract collective insights while ensuring that their data remains on their own premises and under their control, without being revealed to any other organization.

Tune Insight solution is based on years of research at EPFL, and leverages a technology called Multiparty Homomorphic Encryption. It allows customers to choose a group of organizations they want to work with and select the type of data they want to collaborate on, and the types of operations and functionalities authorized for the group. Furthermore, to guarantee data protection, the individual data never leaves the security perimeter of the host organization, and the software performs the collective computation under encryption, only releasing the final results of the authorized computations.

Since its creation in 2021, Tune Insight has been a >>venture<< 2021 finalist in ICT, a finalist of the 2021 Swisscom Startup Challenge, raised a first round of financing with Wingman Ventures, and was a 2nd place winner of Tech4Trust in 2022. Tune Insight was also granted a Gebert Rüf Stiftung InnoBooster in February 2022.

The FIT Tech Seed loan of 100'000 Swiss francs will contribute to the expansion of the development team and to accelerate product development. In addition, the loan will support the creation of a sales and customer satisfaction team while initiating the transition from proofs-of-concept and pre-scale deployments to recurring revenue, starting with health, insurance and cybersecurity.

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Co-founder and COO
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