Transforming EPFL Library

CC BY NC SA Albrici Tanguy

CC BY NC SA Albrici Tanguy

A new organisational structure: anticipating trends and supporting excellence while continuously developing staff to remain relevant to EPFL needs.

Following her appointment as EPFL Library Director in June 2021, Isabelle Eula was charged by the Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPA) to steer a fully-fledged transformation plan within the Library. In the context of ever-changing higher education and research landscape, this plan aimed at strengthening the Library’s alignment with EPFL’s core missions and better meeting EPFL’s complex needs.

The underpinning objectives of the Library transformation plan encompass:

  • to consolidate the Library’s position as a forward-thinking player, and valued strategic partner recognized for its role and expertise, within EPFL and at the national level;
  • to ensure organisational alignment with EPFL priorities, including the Open Science agenda; while addressing opportunities associated with the evolving role of libraries.
  • to streamline the Library’s functions and to reassess staffing needs and skills with a view to establish a sound organizational structure.

The making of the Library transformation plan and organizational structure are the results of a work-intensive review process, followed by a series of consultations within the Library and with various EPFL stakeholders during the year 2022. Subsequently, the Library transformation plan received the support and formal approval from EPFL Direction.

While the new organizational structure, in effect since 1st February 2023, delivers greater clarity for library staff and users, it also provides room for professional growth. In effect, each collaborator was given the opportunity to secure a new position within the Library. The EPFL Human Resources Department assisted the Library at each step of the process.

We respected the commitment made, which was to guarantee to each member of the Library team to find a position within the service.

Isabelle Eula

Following this first phase, the Library’s senior management team is in the process of recruiting vacant positions. Next, the team will develop the Library strategic plan and roadmap to provide direction for the next five years.

The year 2023 is one of important transition during which all collaborators will take on new roles, repurpose existing skills or develop new ones, while ensuring the continuity of services and activities.