Tom van Waas wins SPS best poster award

Tom van Waas (middle) with the other prize winners © 2022 Swiss Physical Society

Tom van Waas (middle) with the other prize winners © 2022 Swiss Physical Society

At the 2022 SPS meeting, held in Fribourg from 27 - 30 June, Tom van Waas has won one of the three best poster awards for the work started as a MaNEP internship student in our group. The title of the poster is "Bayesian inference on electron-boson interaction from ARPES self-energies" and deals with an efficient method to extract the self-energies and Eliashberg function from high resolution angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) data.

One of the many reasons why ARPES has become the method of choice to study materials with novel electronic properties is because it yields direct access to the momentum-resolved self-energies of the electron-boson interaction in the system. It has long been known that from both the real and imaginary part of the self-energy it is possible to extract the Eliashberg function, which describes all the details of, for example, electron-phonon interaction. However, previous approaches to extract this information were highly unstable or relied on a large number of assumptions. Tom has been able to take this to a next level were the extraction is self-consistent and only relies on a minimal number of logical assumptions. The method was applied to the two-dimensional electron liquid on CaTiO3(001) films, and an Eliashberg function that matches the predicted phonon modes in the system was extracted.

The other two prizes went to Lisa Sommer (IBM Reserach) and Jose Abraham Hernandez Sanchez (PSI) who are also shown in the picture.


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