Three new MOOCs on optimization

© 2020 EPFL

© 2020 EPFL

Three new online courses on optimization have just been published on the platform.

Optimization is a field of applied mathematics that is essential for engineers and decision scientists. The three courses introduce the mathematical foundations of the most important algorithms. The course on linear optimization focuses on the simplex algorithm. The course on network and discrete optimization focuses on the shortest path algorithm, and the branch and bound algorithm. The course on unconstrained non linear optimization focuses on Newton's algorithm and descent methods. 

In addition to the videos of the lectures, the courses propose exercises as well as Python implementation of the algorithms. 

The three online courses have been designed based on the EPFL bachelor course "MATH-265 Introduction to optimization and operations research", and on the book "Optimization: principles and algorithms", published in 2015 at EPFL Press. 

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The courses have been produced by the Transport and Mobility Laboratory and the Center for Digital Education at EPFL.