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Three FSB professors awarded an ERC starting Grant 2016

J.-Ph. Brantut, R. Buonsanti and C. Hongler

J.-Ph. Brantut, R. Buonsanti and C. Hongler

Three Tenure Track Assistant Professors from the School of Basic Sciences (FSB) at EPFL, Profs. Jean-Philippe Brantut, Raffaella Buonsanti and Clément Hongler have been awarded an ERC Starting Grant for the year 2016 for the "Physical Sciences and Engineering" domain. 
Prof. Mahmut Selman Sakar, of the School of Engineering (STI), EPFL has also received the Grant for 2016.

Prof. Jean-Philippe Brantut got his award for the project "Devices, engines and circuits: quantum engineering with cold atoms".

Prof. Raffaella Buonsanti received his award for the project "Multifunctional Hybrid Platforms based on Colloidal Nanocrystals to Advance CO2 Conversion Studies".

Prof. Clément Hongler had been awarded for the project "Connecting Statistical Mechanics and Conformal Field Theory: an Ising Model Perspective".