The smart living lab at PLEA 2018 Conference, Hong-Kong

© 2018 EPFL

© 2018 EPFL

The Structural Xploration Lab and the Building2050 Group of the smart living lab present new research papers at the PLEA 2018 Conference in Hong-Kong this week.

The Structural Xploration Lab is attending the PLEA 2018 Conference in Hong-Kong, "smart & healthy within the 2-degree limit". Two papers are presented, both related to the environmental assessment of reusing structural components in new buildings. The first paper, authored by Catherine De Wolf, Jan Brütting, and Corentin Fivet, provides parametric estimates of embodied carbon reductions when structural components are reused from and in typical office buildings. The second paper, authored by Endrit Hoxha and Corentin Fivet, discusses a case-study life-cycle assessment of a conceptual building designed for downstream reuse.

The Buildiing2050 Group also present a paper authored by Didier Vuarnoz et Thomas Jusselme at the PLEA Conference. This study aims at investigating the impacts of an energy storage on a building’s GHG emissions. The authors propose a methodology to determine the energy storage GWP neutral target as a threshold for GHG emission mitigation at the building level. This is particularly relevant when selecting an appropriate storage technology and its capacity size.