The RE:CRETE footbridge in the news

© 2021 Stemutz

© 2021 Stemutz

Unveiled on October 10th, the RE:CRETE footbridge, a post-tensioned arch made with concrete sections cut from obsolete walls, developed at the Structural Xploration Lab, has since then attracted considerable publicity in Switzerland and abroad. Here is a provisional summary. Thank you very much for everyone's early support!

On LinkedIn, as of October 23, 2021, our main post received more than 1'350 'likes' and was shared 150 times. Its 1'44"-long video is about to reach the count of 50'000 views (about 21'000 minutes viewed in total). A number of other original posts also received several hundreds of 'likes' each: EPFL, EPFL ENAC, Freyssinet, and this influencer on civil engineering).

In Switzerland, besides the main EPFL news, the RE:CRETE footbridge was both presented in general public newspapers (La Liberté, Heidi News,la Gruyère) and specialized news outlets (Espazium/Tracés, Baublatt, Batimag). Members of the Structural Xploration Lab have also been invited on two occasions by the Swiss National Radio, during the RTS CQFD programme (12/10/2021), and the RTS Forum programme, interviewed by Stéphane Délétroz (21/10/2021). Other TV and paper articles are currently in the making.

Abroad, original articles on the RE:CRETE footbridge have been written in the USA for Popular Science and SlashGear, in France for Le Moniteur and Usine Nouvelle, in Germany and Austria for PresseText, and in India for TimesNowNews.

UPDATE (27/10/21):

UPDATE (29/10/21):

UPDATE (12/11/21):

UPDATE (22/03/22):

  • ARUP has featured the Re:Crete footbridge in its perspectives article on concrete recycling/reuse, written by Andy Gardner.
  • The news of Re:Crete footbridge has further been relayed by a linkedin post published by Tristram Carfrae, Deputy Chair of ARUP. The post has attracted an exceptional amount of interests.

UPDATE (14/04/22) Installation in Conthey, Wallis:

UPDATE (25/05/22):

UPDATE (12/08/22):

Stay tuned!