The key to chemical transformations

Xile Hu (© EPFL / Alain Herzog)

Xile Hu (© EPFL / Alain Herzog)

Professor Xile Hu, an expert in catalysis at EPFL’s Institute of Chemical Sciences and Engineering, has been awarded the 2017 National Latsis Prize.

The National Latsis Prize is among the most important scientific distinctions in Switzerland, and includes a monetary award of CHF 100,000. It is awarded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) on behalf of the International Latsis Foundation to recognize “researchers up to the age of 40 for exceptional scientific work conducted in Switzerland.”

This is the 34th award of the Latsis National Prize, and will be presented to Professor Hu by the SNSF on 11 January 2018, during a ceremony at Bern’s Hôtel de ville.

Professor Xile Hu is recognized "for his impressive scientific career and his excellent research on the fundamental understanding of catalysis." Catalysis is a branch of chemistry focused on substances that accelerate reactions or transform molecules. Professor Hu has distinguished himself by his pioneering research on the production of solar fuels, as well as on the synthesis of molecules with high added value.

"I have decided to not worry too much about the barriers between fields, as long as it works and gives interesting results," he says. "I try to always bring something new or unpredictable into my research, but that is not necessarily obvious. In science, we want things to happen in a logical way – so when we suggest something unprecedented or not deemed to be feasible, we can look a bit crazy."

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