The international Sierpinski carpet project in Maths en jeu classes

© 2014 EGA

© 2014 EGA

An initiative of the University of Almeria

Our "Maths en jeu" classes have successfully participated to an international project organized by Prof. José Luis Rodriguez and the Spanish University of Almeria. The so-called “Sierpinski carpet” project consisted in building a big geometrical fractal by performing a total of six iterations. In the same occasion, our office has proposed other activities concerning the study of fractals.

The Sierpinski carpets assembled by our young students were depicted in a public exhibition in Almeria.
In the first phase of this cooperative work, young students realized de second iteration on an A4 paper.

Then, they assembled 8 of these papers in order to build the third iteration. The forth iteration was realized on a poster format.

Here there are depicted the Sierpinski carpets done by our classes.

As follows, there are a few examples of the other activities performed by our young students in order to get more familiar with fractals :

  • The realization of a natural fractal, made with milk, cornflour, food coloring and liquid soap ;

  • The construction of a Pythagoras' tree.

Finally, here there are some examples of past activities on the same subject.