The Galactic Chloé Show: a new star in the EPFL universe

The Galactic Chloé Show, which was cleared for launch in September 2020, has just unveiled its fifth episode. In this Show, visitors to EPFL’s lunar campus share stories about their own worlds through lively interviews.

To celebrate the holiday season, Wendy Queen is sporting a red Santa cap, complete with gold stars and a pompom. Queen, a chemist and EPFL professor, is the Show’s fifth guest. In her episode, released on 25 December, she discusses her research and teaching – as well as baseball, sponges and current events.

Over the past few months, the show's host, Chloé Carrière – an avid fan of space travel and astrophysics – has been welcoming members of the EPFL community to her lunar sound stage. The mood is lighthearted but scientific, and her guests – professors, students and staff – talk about what inspires them.

Behind the scenes, Carrière is delighted with the EPFL community’s response: “There’s been a lot of positive feedback, like from the student who, after viewing the episode with Grégoire Courtine and Jocelyne Bloch, was amazed at the extent to which the two scientists could pool their expertise.”

However, Carrière is anything but complacent – she’s already making plans for the future: “I'd like the episodes to be more dynamic and more meaningful for students. I’d also like to appeal to a wider audience.”

While we await 2021 and the surprises it will bring, links to all the episodes are available below and on The Galactic Chloé Show's YouTube channel.

Episode 1: First EPFL Moon Campus Walker: Marcel Salathé

Episode 2: Mirko Bischofberger puts on a show

Episode 3: Walking again with Jocelyne Bloch & Grégoire Courtine

Episode 4: A student on the EPFL Moon Campus: Pauline Verchinine