The Food Truck Village is here!

© 2023 EPFL - RESCO

© 2023 EPFL - RESCO

The new Food Truck Village on Route des Noyerettes will open its doors on Wednesday, 1 March

We’ve selected seven food trucks, giving you a range of lunch options to choose from, through a bidding process that involved reviewing proposals from several vendors and getting the input of EPFL faculty members, students and staff.

Each truck will offer a different type of cuisine:

  • Chez Bilia (Indian)
  • Manira Wokshop (Asian)
  • Polent'amo (European)
  • Li Beirut (Lebanese)
  • Cut Pizza
  • Kooka-Coffee (Baked goods and coffee)
  • Fleur de Painsat Innovation Park (Baked goods)

The food trucks will be open from 11:30am to 2pm, Monday to Friday. Opening hours on evenings and Saturdays will be added in April 2023.

You’ll soon be able to see their menus on our food services web page and via the EPFL Campus app.

Bon appétit!