The 2018 catalogue has been published

© 2018 EPFL

© 2018 EPFL

You can find all the new Apple, HP and Lenovo models in this lovely PDF. This way for the reseller websites.

The most notable change in the 2018 offer is the increase in the number of cores per processor. The whole productivity line of CPUs went from 2 to 4 cores, whereas the graphical line went from 4 to 6 cores. Since more and more programs can take advantage of multiple cores in parallel, the difference will be immediately noticeable! This gain in performance outweighs the loss in base frequency, especially since the TurboBoost goes up to similar frequencies as the 2017 two-core CPUs. It’s been a long time since we had such a strong increase in performance.

You can observe this gain by reading our technical spec sheets. They describe every aspect of our laptop models, from the maintenance manual and the possible extensions to computer benchmarks. Be sure to compare the CPU scores of the new range with the good old ThinkPad X1 Carbon5 from last year

What’s more, our graphical range now offers even more choice than before. On one end, we have a workstation for less than CHF 1,600.-. On the other end, there is the ThinkPad P52 with a Quadro P3200 6GB VR-ready graphics card!

We hope that this new offer will meet all your needs. We are at your disposal in MA if you have any questions or if you want to see the laptops in person (we have received the Lenovos, the others will arrive shortly).