Talk by Oliver Gross

© 2023 EPFL

© 2023 EPFL

Oliver Gross of TU Berlin gives a talk on Variational Energies for Curves with Variable Thickness on Thursday, Nov. 16th, 11am in BC 329.

Title: Variational Energies for Curves with Variable Thickness

Abstract: Geometric arrangements such as tangles, knots and braids are key structural motifs in a multitude of natural systems, ranging from molecules and polymers to the field lines of fluid flows or electromagnetic fields in plasma. Despite a history dating back to the pioneers of differential calculus, understanding these structures as well as their formation remains an active area of research in mathematics and the natural sciences alike. Variational descriptions of curves have proven to be a successful tool for modeling these phenomena governed by one dimensional flexible structures. Recently, several variational models of "curves with thickness" have been established and in this talk I will discuss how such extended models can be used to model plasma or elastic curves with variable bending stiffness.

Time and Location: Thursday, November 16th, 11am, BC 329