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From February 11th to 15th, EPFL Library Research Data team invites you to take part in Love Data Week 2019. This international event aims to share awareness about Research Data Management among researchers.

On this occasion, we are happy to offer you several events, workshops and new practical tools, online and on EPFL campus. If you have any question regarding this event or Research Data Management at EPFL, please visit researchdata.epfl.ch.


Noon Talk “Research Data licensing”
Feb. 12th / 12:00-13:00
Rolex Learning Center (EPFL Library)

Research data is a precious good. Where is the balance between protecting it and opening it? How can you manage the way it is reused by others? In this Noon Talk, the topic of data licensing will be presented from various points of view. After a brief introduction on current practices by the Library, three speakers will share their experience and point of view about research data licensing:
• Giovanni Pizzi, senior scientist at the Laboratory of theory and simulation of materials and project leader at NCCR Marvel
• Jessica Pidoux, PhD student at the Digital Humanities Institute
• Mauro Lattuada, Technology Transfer Manager at EPFL
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Workshops “Research Data Management: introduction“
[FULL] Feb. 14th / 12:00-13:30
May 9th / 12:00-13:30

MED 2 1522
In this course, you will get an introduction to the main concepts of Research Data Management to apply them to your specific situation.
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Workshops “Research Data Management: from plan to action”
February 27th / 10:00 to 12:00
March 7th / 10:00 to 12:00

RLC A1 230
In this personalized workshop, you will check the consistency of your data management plan (DMP) and how to implement it in your lab.
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Meet & discuss with EPFL Library Research Data team
Feb. 11, 13 & 15th / 11:30-13:30
Feb. 12th / 13:00-15:00

Rolex Learning Center (main entrance)
No registration needed, just come and visit us!


On the occasion of Love Data Week 2019, EPFL Library launches new practical tools: 10 Research Data Management fast guides. These tools will be published throughout Love Data Week 2019.
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The main theme for the 2019 Love Data Week is data in everyday life. It will be explored through two topics: open data and data justice. Many aspects of this theme may echo more strongly within your research group or laboratory. We encourage you to come and discuss with us!
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Author: EPFL Library
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