Support plan for startups and SME's at EPFL Innovation Park

EPFL Innovation Park - mesures d'aides aux start-ups © 2020 EPFL

EPFL Innovation Park - mesures d'aides aux start-ups © 2020 EPFL

The EPFL Innovation Park Foundation has mobilized to help spin-offs and young technology companies based on its two campuses in Lausanne and Geneva, and proposes a support plan of CHF 500,000, as well as coaching and mentoring.

The EPFL Innovation Park Foundation contributes to the economic crisis and will provide subsidiary and argeted support to its spin-off companies and technology start-ups in these troubled and uncertain times. Also today, the Foundation Board has approved a support plan with a financial package of CHF 500,000 to assist companies based at the EPFL Innovation Park (in Lausanne) and the Campus Biotech Innovation Park (in Geneva).

This support will be allocated on an individual basis according to the size of the company, the impact of the current crisis on its development, and the amount of other federal and cantonal support potentially obtained. This financial aid will be granted on a discretionary basis, « à bien plaire ». The allocation does not constitute recognition of any other right or commitment on the part of the EPFL Innovation Park Foundation or the EPFL. The Foundation emphasizes that it is itself logically impacted by the current situation, the financial assistance is made possible by the bequests received in recent years from Ms. Vittoz and Ms. Zahnd.

Moreover, the individualized support will go beyond the financial aspect. The EPFL Innovation Park Foundation will mobilize its team of coaches and its network of mentors to help the young companies to plan and implement the best measures required to deal with the situation.

In addition, an authorization process for access to the EPFL site will be proposed in order to allow the use of the infrastructures and equipment that some companies vitally need to regain access to the EPFL site, progressively and in accordance with the conditions of the EPFL's relaunch. However, this can only be offered when EPFL can guarantee the supervision and operational management of the said facilities. Specific and urgent situations may be submitted to EPFL's COVID-19 Task-force to evaluate whether an exceptional access solution can be proposed.

This « FEIP COVID-19 » package, including financial support and coaching/mentoring, will be put in place as of next week.

Companies wishing to benefit from this package are invited to register on this link, and provide the requested information. The decision to grant or refuse the award, as well as the amount allocated, depends entirely and solely on the discretionary authority of the EPFL Innovation Park Foundation and does not give rise to any right of recourse.

The deadline for the submission of applications is Friday 17 April 2020, at 6 PM

With this support measure, the EPFL Innovation Park Foundation, represented by his President Marc Gruber and Director Jean-Philippe Lallement, wishes to underline its willingness and determination to help young companies facing economic difficulties due to the Covid-19 crisis.