Successful Research Day for the EDMT Program

EDMT Doctoral Students and faculty © 2019 EPFL

EDMT Doctoral Students and faculty © 2019 EPFL

On May 9, the doctoral program in Management of Technology (EDMT) organized its fourth Research Day at the initiative of its director, Prof. Thomas Weber, as in 2011, 2012, and 2018.

The event was kicked off with a warm welcome from the director of the College of Management of Technology, Prof. Dominique Foray, who set the tone for a collegial and happy atmosphere throughout.

The Research Day was attended by over twenty EDMT students and seven EDMT faculty members. Doctoral students past their qualifying exams presented their work to their peers and to the professors in 20-minute research talks. Over lunch, first-year students had the chance to present their first research ideas with posters to the entire group, receiving individual feedback from professors and students. A special highlight was the Rasmalai dessert prepared by the local Indian restaurant Zayeka with regional buffalo milk sourced in collaboration with EPFL.

The entire day was a great success, thanks to the impeccable organization by the EDMT program coordinator, Céline Cordey.

Research talks:

  • Albina Khairullina: A Triangular Value of Patents
  • Raphael Klein: Simulating the Swiss Electricity Transition
  • Blagovesta Pirelli: Design of Technology-Intensive Service Systems with the Concept of Value
  • Farnaz Eslamishoar: Assessing Methods for Increasing Sustainability of the Extractive Sector
  • Paul van Baal: Energy Policy Analysis for the Energy Transition
  • Kilian Schindler: Dynamic Optimization under Uncertainty: Advantages of Robustness and Data
  • Ling Zhou: Do Patents Affect Prices?
  • Michael Mark: Quantifying the Endogeneity of Cryptocurrency Markets
  • Omar Ballester: Career Choices in Science
  • Gabriele Cristelli: The Economic Effects of High-Skilled Migration: Innovation and Selectivity
  • Qinli Lu: Business Model Innovation: Theoretical, Empirical and Pilot Exploration
  • Rachel Lacroix: Additive Manufacturing: Towards Flexible Operations and Profitable Mass Customization
  • René Glogg: Modeling Supply Chain Disruptions: A Network Flow Approach
  • Valeria Superti: Assessing the Impact of the Circular Economy on Urban Systems’ Sustainability
  • Yu Wu: Negative Interest Rate Policy and the Banks’ Lending Behavior
  • Dirk Lauinger: Optimal Management of Vehicle-to-Grid

Poster presentations:

Participating faculty: