SNSF: Increase in salary bands for project staff

© 2024 (copyright free)

© 2024 (copyright free)

SNSF announced that the salary bands for the personnel financed by SNSF projects will be adjusted to allow Swiss universities to compensate for inflation.

As of 1st May 2024, EPFL doctoral salaries financed by SNSF will be adapted as follows:

  • For new applications the increased salaries should be included in the budget. For doctoral students, the SNSF rates will be as follows:

IMPORTANT! For new applications please use our budget calculatorswith updated PhD and postdoc rates !

  • For all projects currently under evaluation, approved, or ongoing:

The new salary rates above will be used to allocate personnel costs to SNSF project funds as of the 1st of May 2024

But SNSF will not compensate for these higher PhD salary rates: the costs must be absorbed within the originally granted amounts. We advise laboratories to closely monitor their SNSF funds and be prepared to offset any negative balance with their reserve fund at the end of projects, if necessary.

Note for grant recipients: The salary adjustments apply to all SNSF funded grants. It does not apply to Postdoc.Mobility scholarships abroad.