Single particle high-end CryoEM for life scientists at PTPSP

Vitrobot Mark IV at the PTPSP © 2022 EPFL

Vitrobot Mark IV at the PTPSP © 2022 EPFL

The Protein Production and Structure Core Facility (PTPSP) launches a brand new cryoEM pipeline for atomic structure determination of macromolecules.

The recent opening of the Dubochet Center for Imaging, a world-class cryo-Electron Microscopy (cryoEM) facility, is a huge opportunity for the life sciences community at EPFL. To make the most of it, the Protein Production and Structure Core Facility (PTPSP) has created an efficient pipeline to assist the SV structural community and make CryoEM accessible to all biomedical SV researchers, also those who are not experts and need close support along the complete process.

The new set-up includes installation of high-end cryoEM instrumentations at PTPSP, a close collaboration with team of the DCI and a strengthening of PTPSP’s structural biology expertise with the hiring of a new cryoEM expert, Dr. Yoan Duhoo.

I am delighted to welcome Yoan Duhoo as a structural biochemistry staff scientist in our team. Yoan is specialized in membrane proteins and macromolecular assemblies using cryoEM and strengthens our structural team alongside with Kelvin Lau and Luciano Abriata.

Florence Pojer, Head of PTPSP

CryoEM services, expertise, training and instrumentation available at the PTPSP include:

  • CryoEM single particle preparation (using Vitrobot MARK IV)
  • Negative staining samples preparation
  • Samples screening at CIME and DCI
  • Data collection on Titan Krios at DCI
  • Data transfer and storage at SV and sample storage at PTPSP
  • Data Processing (Software available: CryoSPARC, Relion,..)
  • Atomic structure determination and analysis

This strongly interconnected cryoEM hub complements the well-established bio-NMR and X-ray crystallography set-ups at PTPSP and will enhance structural expertise and knowledge in the SV biomedical community. A knowledge that is crucial for a better understanding of life at molecular level and to boost the development of targeted and effective therapies and diagnostics.

Please contact Florence Pojer and Yoan Duhoo for further information and to discuss projects.

Source: Research Core Facilities

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