Ruzica Piskac Awarded Patrick Denantes Memorial Prize

© 2013 EPFL

© 2013 EPFL

Ruzica Piskac received Patrick Denantes memorial prize for her doctoral dissertation "Decision Procedures for Program Synthesis and Verification"

Ruzica Piskac, now a tenure-track faculty member at the Max-Planck Institute for Software Systems received the Patrick Denantes memorial prize at the Magistrale in October 2012.

In her thesis work Ruzica developed new constraint solving algorithms and ways to use them in program synthesis and verification. The new algorithms and their implementations help programmers construct software that avoids software bugs by construction, especially for computations on collections and integers.

The Patrick Denantes Memorial prize rewards an outstanding Master, Doctoral or Post-doc project from the I&C School. One prize is awarded in the entire School of Computer and Communication Sciences in any given year. Many thanks to the Denantes family and the Nokia research Center for continuing to support outstanding research in the school, and big congratulations to Ruzica!