Robert Gnehm Grant for Parent Postdocs

© Mabel Amber / 2021 EPFL

© Mabel Amber / 2021 EPFL

A new grant to support parents postdocs in their first year of parenthood has been allocated, with the support of the Robert Gnehm Fund.

The Robert Gnehm Grant for parent postdocs (hereafter the RGG) aims to support parent postdocs in the first year of parenthood, allowing them to devote more time to their child while alleviating a temporary decrease in scientific productivity. One aim is to free them from routine work that can be delegated to others, for example, in the field of laboratory work, academic administration, and teaching. 

The grant funds short-term and part-time personnel support, notably for:

  • assistance to help with routine tasks in the laboratory,
  • administrative assistance to assume the applicant’s administrative tasks,
  • assistance for teaching.

The postdoc could, for example, hire an “assistant·e étudiant·e” to help with experiments and/or collecting data such as to accelerate the submission of scientific articles. Other types of financial support, such as prolongation of the working contract of the postdoc, are conceivable.

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