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Reviewing periods: #EPFLMaurice is back at the Library



Maurice, the EPFL Library famous security agent shark, is back to remind the students the rules of behavior to adopt during reviewing periods. You are warned!

You want to meet #EPFLMaurice in the flesh? He will stand guard at the Library welcome desk during reviewing period. But watch out: Maurice prowls, observes and could attack you at the moment you would not be excpecting it if you do not follow his rules.

We remind you that abusive reservation of seats is prohibited. Think about the Back Soon Pass to book your work place while you stay away up to 45 minutes. After this period, the Library staff or students are allowed to move your belongings to the helpdesk located in the Sciences and Techniques area in order to release the seat. As a reminder, it is not allowed to book work places for others and lockers at your disposal in the Rolex Learning Center basement.

Watch the other rules to follow during reviewing periods on Youtube. Finally, keep in mind that librarians remain at your disposal to answer to any of your questions. Do not hesitate to disturb them... they won't bite you!

Source: Library