Respect : online training

© 2022 EPFL

© 2022 EPFL

E-learning training modules on harassment prevention are available in French and English on the Human Resources Learning & Development platform for employees and on Moodle for students.

EPFL is extremely sensitive to the care and support of people who are victims of harassment, violence or discrimination. Promoting a respectful, motivating and inclusive work atmosphere is at the heart of its priorities.

A Harassment A-Z & Promoting a Culture of Respect Task Force was created in January 2021 under the responsibility of the Vice Presidency for Responsible Transformation (VPT). This body is chartered in particular at implementing prevention and awareness measures, as well as a training program regarding harassment and discrimination situations.

In order to better understand the organization of this Task Force and to find all the information needed to identify the types of harassment, where to get help and how to report a case, you can consult the page about respect at EPFL.

Several training courses are available to EPFL employees on the Learning and development page. In particular, the Keep Learning portal provides access with authentication to a generous catalog of online training courses on various topics, such as team management, personal effectiveness, communication, IT tools, etc. These trainings allow you to learn at your own pace and are easily accessible from a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.