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Research Data Management workshops

CC0 Pixabay

CC0 Pixabay

Take part in the next "Introduction" and "From plan to action" Research Data Management workshops organized by EPFL Library during the upcoming semester.

upcoming semester.

"Introduction" workshop

In this course, you will get an introduction to the main concepts of Research Data Management to apply them to your specific situation. Learning outcomes:

  • Know the stakes around Research Data Management
  • Discover how a Data Management Plan (DMP) can help you be more efficient in your research
  • Get an overview of good practices to work with your data at the different stages of your project

"From plan to action" workshop

In this personalized workshop, you will check the consistency of your data management plan (DMP) and how to implement it in your lab. Before you attend the workshop, you will need to fill a form about your current practices. If you are not familiar with research data management already, we suggest that you register to our introduction course.

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