Realstone sustainable scholarship 2023

© 2023 EPFL

© 2023 EPFL

Master student in Financial Engineering, Mikail Durrani, has been chosen among many applicants to receive the 2023 Realstone Sustainable Scholarship.

In order to promote sustainable finance, the Swiss Finance Institute @EPFL and Realstone SA, a Swiss real estate investment company supporting initiatives promoting sustainability and innovation, have awarded the "Realstone Sustainable Finance Scholarship" to Mikail Durrani, a first-year master's student. This scholarship recognizes his outstanding academic performance during his Bachelor's studies and his strong interest in sustainable finance. This opportunity was made possible by a generous donation of CHF 20,000 from Realstone (CHF 5,000 per semester during his Master's studies).

Mikail Durrani earned his Bachelor's degree in international relations with a specialization in economics. Alongside his studies, he founded the Swiss Sustainability Initiative, an interdisciplinary association led by young professionals. This initiative empowers young professionals to explore careers in sustainability and write short research articles on various aspects of sustainability, including sustainable finance.

The scholarship includes the opportunity, though not mandatory, to receive mentoring from a senior company executive.

This grant highlights the importance of sustainable finance in addressing global challenges and encourages young professionals to become agents of change in the financial sector. Congratulations to Mikail Durrani for this outstanding achievement and his commitment to a more sustainable financial future.