Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship for Zahra Sadeghipoor and Ngo Tien Dat

© 2014 EPFL

© 2014 EPFL

Zahra Sadeghipoor and Ngo Tien Dat, both PhD students, are two of three winners of the Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship (QinF) 2014. QInF is a prestigious program held annually which focuses on recognizing, rewarding and mentoring the most innovative PhD students across Europe and the United States.

Zahra Sadeghipoor, a PhD student at the Image and Visual Representation Group (IVRG), supervised by Prof. Sabine Süsstrunk, has been selected for her proposal, Chromatic Aberration Correction in RGB and Near-Infrared Cameras, which involves correcting chromatic aberration in cameras that can simultaneously capture color and near-infrared. This is one of the most important practical issues in designing any imaging system, and is usually solved in color imaging by using complicated and very expensive lenses. The goal of this project is to use only a simple lens and to correct chromatic aberration distortions through post-processing of captured color and NIR images. Zahra’s results will benefit computer vision and computational photography applications in challenging environments.

Ngo Tien Dat, a PhD student at the Computer Vision Laboratory (CVLAB), supervised by Prof. Pascal Fua, has been selected for his proposal, Augmenting Deformable 3-D Surfaces on Mobile Devices, which is focused on reconstructing the shape of a deformable object from images and videos. Effective algorithms for generating plausible reconstructions of deformable 3-D surfaces from single images have been developed to run in real-time on laptop computers. The ultimate goal is to use just built-in phone or tablet cameras and be able to understand how objects deform over time. The project will benefit mobile augmented reality applications (e.g. augmented advertisements and augmented reality games) by expanding the range of possible tracking targets from rigid objects to non-rigid ones.

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