Purchase credit cards - SDG2 switch to Demat invoice system

© 2024 EPFL

© 2024 EPFL

New purchasing credit card for processing monthly statements via Sesame.

Some of you have received your new credit card by post. The other units will receive it by the end of April.

As announced in our communication on March 6, a change in processing is taking place for Viseca monthly statements for purchase credit cards (CCA). The monthly statement invoice must be processed in Sesame – like an invoice without a purchase order – and no longer in SDG2. CCA statements will now be treated like any invoice without an order via the dematerialized supplier invoice process that you are familiar with.

Key points:

  • Once you receive your new purchase credit card, you keep this physical card in your unit. Old cards will be deactivated 5 days after receiving your new card.
  • All expenses made with the old card will still need to be processed through SDG2 As of May 12, all transactions with the old card should be charged. Only transactions made with the new credit card will be treated as an invoice.
  • If you still have reservations or commitments with the old credit card, such as a subscription or guarantee for accommodation, please forward your new purchasing card details to the relevant provider in order to prevent possible inconvenience in connection with the cancellation of the old card.
  • In order to group expenses into the corresponding expense statements, it is important to indicate the expense statement number in the “Expense Dec. No” field. Be careful to add two zeros at the start of the count number, i.e. 10 digits in total. > Example: 0010077220

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Communication about EPFL credit cards from March 6, 2024

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