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Prix ARTS (Apple) 2007 - Pierre Vandergheynst

© 2007 EPFL

© 2007 EPFL

The Apple Research & Technology Support (ARTS) programme represents a recognition of the importance of science in our society, an endorsement of the leading research institutions in Europe, and a celebration of the talent of researchers in all fields.

Processing the universe's first pictures

Analysing the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) opens a new window on high-precision cosmology. The CMB indeed represents a unique laboratory for the understanding of the structure and the evolution of our Universe, notably through the estimation of its cosmological parameters. However the CMB data crystallise challenges in modern signal processing: it is a high-resolution and non scalar-valued signal distributed on the celestial sphere. The goal of this project is to break the complexity of CMB data in the framework of multiresolution analysis, in order to test the fundamental hypotheses underpinning the present concordance cosmological model.