Preparing successful proposals: a course for Postdocs

© 2023 EPFL

© 2023 EPFL

The EPFL Research Office is launching a new course tailored to postdocs entitled, “How to prepare successful grant proposals.”

Preparing successful proposals: a course for Postdocs

No matter the career stage, securing external funding is crucial for scientists to be able to explore new ideas and advance their careers. Proposal writing is both an art and a science, and as such, it can be taught and learned. Following successful editions in 2022, the EPFL Research Office offers again a course tailored to postdocs entitled, “How to prepare successful grant proposals.”

Part I: Writing tips

A one-off presentation of the theory behind the preparation of successful proposals. This course will teach participants where to look for appropriate fellowship and research funding opportunities, the ins and outs of the application process itself, and how to prepare a written proposal.

When: March 31 2023, 12-3pm.

Access: Lunch provided to 60 participants on-site. Unlimited online access for additional participants.

Part II: Writing clinic – Optional, upon further registration.

4 sessions during which participants will write their own, ready-to-submit funding proposal, and provide feedback to each other.

Practice writing is a key step in strengthening writing skills, as is reading and reviewing the work of others. Therefore, the main goal for postdocs in the clinic will be to write a full proposal for a major postdoctoral / independent fellowship or proof-of concept innovation grant through an iterative process. Postdocs will write and receive critical feedback on their proposal excerpts before rewriting them based on these constructive criticisms and suggestions. They will also gain an understanding of how proposals are being assessed by funders and hone their proposal writing skills through peer review exercises.

Each session will include a peer review exercise done in small groups. The exercise will be based on written assignments related to the topics of each class.

Session 1: Significance, objectives, and hypotheses

Session 2: Title, abstract, introduction

Session 3: Experimental design, timeline, broader impacts

Session 4: Budget, host institution, career plan, CV

When: May 2, May 16, May 30, June 13, around lunch time.

Access: Limited to 24 participants only!

Enrollment is limited, and EPFL postdocs interested in attending should not wait to register for this course. On-site registration with lunch will be confirmed by email.

This course is provided by the EPFL Research Office - a team of scientists, grant writers and funding specialists dedicated to the success of EPFL researchers.

Any questions can be directed to the EPFL Research Office through its generic email address.