Poly-Pool Project, a swimming pool at EPFL

© 2017 EPFL

© 2017 EPFL

In June 2018, the EPFL community will be able to relax in a new enjoyable zone. A partnership between different laboratories of EPFL and private companies allowed turning a project of building a swimming pool in the heart of the Rolex Learning Center to reality. The first step of building is scheduled for the end of the year 2017, as soon as the investment credits will have been validated by EPFL’s board of Directors.

To follow the needs of EPFL in the fields of buildings physics research and analyse of global warming, a workgroup concluded that a swimming pool had to be built within the two next years.

To get an utilitarian integration of the need, it was decided that a pool of 50m length, 25m width and 2m depth will be built in the central patio zone of the Rolex Learning Center.

This pool aims to respond to three strategic goals. The first one is to be able to study the buildings physics and to transfer a part of humidity generated from the pool into the inner spaces of the Rolex Learning Center in order to refresh it. The second one is to supply the pool with a complex system of rainwater collection and doing so analysing the pollution and micro-organisms of the water. The third one is to finally offer a relaxing and restful place that has been asked by the students and staff of EPFL for a long time.

A booking system of deckchairs, sunshades and sun loungers will be implemented and managed by the EPFL Library, in conjunction with books and scientific articles lending. These ones will be available directly on tablets with the service Kiosque-Pool. A partnership with Satellite is also underway, in order to offer a new cocktail bar.