Paying at EPFL cash registers with your phone

Woman pays by scanning QR code on smartphone© 2022 iStock

Woman pays by scanning QR code on smartphone© 2022 iStock

Imagine you are waiting in a long queue at some campus foodtruck. At the cash register, OMG, you've forgotten your wallet and your Camipro card. Don't panic. From now on, it is possible to pay for your purchases via a QR code available on the EPFL campus app.

This QR code can be found in the 'Camipro Card' tab of the EPFL campus app (button 'Pay'). You show this QR code at the cash desk, where it will be scanned and will directly debit your Camipro account after a few minutes.

If you don't see this button, it's time to update the app to the latest version!

For security reasons, your QR code has a lifetime of one minute, so taking a screenshot and reusing it several timesis useless/impossible. You must open the app and present your phone each time you need it.

The cash registers in restaurants and in most of the campus foodtrucks, that accept the Camipro card, now have a QRCode reader (except for the Migros EPFL, the Li Beirut caravan or Fleur de Pain). Neuchâtel campus will be equipped during the summer of 2022.

This feature was developed by the company PocketCampus, in collaboration with the Camipro team. Please write to [email protected] if you have any ideas for a new functionality.