ORCID benefits: SNSF's new researcher CV



Just like many institutions including EPFL, the SNSF supports ORCID, a non-profit organization that provides researchers with a globally unique identifier and a personal profile, independent of name changes, different name spellings or a change of institution.

As a researcher, you have complete control over your data in the ORCID profile. You decide what information is associated with your identification number(ORCID iD)by yourself or trusted individuals and services – for example you can use the EPFL ORCID Integration application to add an official affiliation statement to your ORCID profile while simultaneously inserting your ORCID iD into your personal page at people.epfl.ch. You can also connect your ORCID profile with sources such as the Web of Science to automatically add your publications. Importantly, you are in control of your own image through ORCID: other than the public name and ORCID iD, you decide which information is visible to whom.

ORCID iD required for SNSF grand applications

In June 2022, the SNSF has introduced a new CV format in line with international best practices, and valid for all applicants and all SNSF funding programs. October 3rd, 2022, will mark the deadline for the first grant applications that require this new CV. Among other new features, an ORCID iD is required and communicated to the application reviewers. Since the publicly accessible content of your ORCID profile is also accessible to the reviewers and the evaluation panel, SNSF recommends to display your most recent and important works in the profile. You can then import works that you want to include in your CV directly into the SNSF portal.

To connect your ORCID and EPFL profiles, visit https://orcid-integration.epfl.ch ; if you have any questions about managing your ORCID profile, do not hesitate to contact the Library specialists at [email protected].