Online loading with TWINT !

© 2020 EPFL

© 2020 EPFL

Contactless loading of the CAMIPRO card is available. It is now possible to load your card online with TWINT from your myCAMIPRO space.

As part of the measures against Covid-19, the task force asked to restrict the use of cash in campus shops and to pay with contactless means such as the CAMIPRO card. To offer a "contactless" alternative for loading the card, it is now possible to load the CAMIPRO online with TWINT.

Online loading is completed in a few simple steps from your computer or smartphone by connecting to your myCAMIPRO space. Enter the amount you want to load, your address for online payment and scan the QR code with your bank's TWINT app, or touch the app icon if you are already on your smartphone. And then validate the payment. Once the payment is validated, your card is instantly loaded!

During the pilot phase, the only payment method accepted is TWINT due to transaction costs charged to EPFL. Other means of payment will be added later, depending on the success of this service and the outcome of negotiations with credit card providers.