Nomination of two new PATTs at SB

Radoslav Marchevski and  Angela Steinauer

Radoslav Marchevski and Angela Steinauer

At its meeting of 21-22 September 2022, the ETH Board has named Dr Radoslav Marchevski and Dr Angela Steinauer as Tenure-Track Assistant Professors at the School of Basic Sciences (SB)

Professor Radoslav Marchevski
Dr Radoslav Marchevski, currently Postdoctoral Researcher at Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, has been appointed as Tenure-Track Assistant Professor of Physics starting from January 1, 2023.
Radoslav Marchevski's research lies in the field of particle physics, with special reference to kaon decay. He was closely involved with the NA62 experiment in the SPS accelerator at the nuclear research centre CERN. His appointment brings new expertise to EPFL, ideally complementing that of already present in the existing high energy physics laboratory. In addition, Radoslav Marchevski will collaborate on the LHCb experiment, to which EPFL has already made a notable contribution at CERN. He will strengthen EPFL’s strategic interests at CERN and help raise the Federal Institute of Technology’s visibility significantly.
Professor Angela Steinauer
Dr Angela Steinauer, currently Postdoctoral Researcher at ETH Zurich, has been appointed as Tenure Track-Assistant Professor of Chemical Biology starting from October 1, 2022.
Angela Steinauer’s research interests bring together chemical synthesis, protein engineering and biological chemistry. She belongs to a new generation of researchers benefiting from a very varied and multidisciplinary education. Angela Steinauer has achieved impressive results in the field of protein development and directed evolution. In addition, she has performed pioneering work on the development of protein cages. Her current research programme grapples with the challenge of designing non-viral vectors for RNA-based therapies.